About Us

Project Surveillance, Inc. was established in 1990 after changing trends in the engineering industry were observed. The brainstorm of Brian and Judy Cunningham was to create a company where civil engineering firms could utilize field observation personnel on an “as needed” basis to initiate and end when the projects did. This “as needed” service to our clients replaces the need to hire full time field observation personnel whom might otherwise remain idle during lag times between projects. This also defers the cost of fulltime personnel, benefits, vacation and sick time away from the engineering firm and to our firm thus keeping field observation services much more cost effective

Since the expertise of our team is diverse, engineers can draw expertise from our staff to specific projects. The wide range of disciplines that compliment our staff can be utilized to serve any needs required for civil engineering projects.

Our mission is to represent our clients’ interests out in the field and to communicate with our clients . Our goal is to be fair, thorough and dependable and to utilize our vast knowledge of civil construction field observation so that our projects are built with quality according to the plans and specifications. We strive to close the gap between design in the office to construction in the field.