Project Experience

Project Surveillance, Inc. has a wide range of projects underway numbering approximately 90 different contracts. The list below is shown to give you an idea of the broad range of projects we can accommodate. Projects vary from road and bridge construction and paving, Waste Water Treatment Plants including expansions and rehab, Sanitary Sewer Trunk Lines and Force Mains, Water Plants/Water Transmission Lines, Drainage Improvements and Subdivision/Land Development.

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  • North Harris County Regional Water Authority

    Nearly 30 jobs for the authority totaling over $150,000,000 in construction costs over the past six years. Two water pumping stations (30 MGD & 10 MGD) 75 miles of water transmission lines, 24” thru 60”.
  • North Fort Bend Water Authority

    Approximately 15 recent projects (starting in 2010) with a total of $33,429,890 in construction costs.
  • Harris County Toll Road Authority

    Three major projects with the Harris County Toll Road Authority with approximately $130,000,00 in construction costs over the past ten years
  • City of Pasadena

    Approximately ten re-construction projects for the City of Pasadena since 2005 with construction costs of about $45,000,000
  • City of Houston

    Three major reconstruction projects for the City totaling over $ 15,000,000 in construction costs

    Hayes Road Reconstruction and West Little York from North Shepherd to Wheatley-These major road reconstruction projects involved road rehabilitation including water and drainage, driveways and traffic control. Cambridge St. bridge over Braes Bayou connecting S. MacGregor Way to Holcombe Blvd. was a major bridge/road project for the City.

  • City of Pearland

    Two major construction projects (Alice Street WP and 30” water transmission line) for the City of Pearland, totaling approximately $11,676,373. We were also responsible for the field observation of the Kirby Road Reconstruction from McHard Road to the Sam Houston Toll Road.
  • City of Seabrook

    Responsible for all the field observation work on all new subdivision work since 1991. Some include: Lake Co, Lakepoint Forest, Seabrook Island, Mystic Village, Searidge, Lake Mija, Pelican’s Nest, Harbour Cove, Bay View Sewer System, Milby & Menard Street, and Red Bluff Residential.
  • METRO Light Rail

    Handled the field observation work in 2010 for the North Corridor expansion.
  • San Jacinto River Authority

    Provided the electrical inspection for the following: Water Wells 19/20, 17/18, 11/12, & 39 , lift station # 12, WWTP 1 and 2, Filter Rehab and Rehab of Sanitary Sewer Gravity Mains.
  • Downtown Redevelopment Authority

    Allen Parkway Improvements. Project Surveillance has been providing the inspection on this project which included intersection redesign at Dunlavy and D’Amico streets, adding a U turn bridge over the underpass at Waugh Dr .and tie-into frontage road, and from Montrose to Downtown shifting the lanes of traffic to construct additional parking at Eleanor Tinsley Park. Removal and replace curb and gutter and overlaying the road with asphalt were also accomplished along with realignment of sidewalks, curbs, medians and landscape features. Construction cost for this project is 11M. Shopping District Streetscape Improvements-Dallas Street, complete road reconstruction with concrete curb and gutter, update the utilities and underground duct work, installation of new irrigation, installation of electric to accommodate new light poles, reconstruction and rerouting of the storm sewer with new inlets. The construction cost of this project is 11M.
  • City of Seabrook

    Waterfront Reconstruction Project which included removing and raising the street at the waterfront, paving, drainage and utilities. Responsible for field observation work on all new subdivision work since 1991. Some include: Lake Co, Lakepoint Forest, Seabrook Island, Mystic Village, Searidge, Lake Mija, Pelican’s Nest, Harbour Cove, Milby & Menard Street, and Red Bluff Residential.
  • Galveston County Road Projects,

    Jack Brooks Park-Project includes removal of existing asphalt and placing concrete, Freddiesville Water Line and Road Rehab- replace existing water line and replace, remove existing asphalt and replace, Louisiana Street, Palmer Highway, Stewart Rd Reconstruction Phase I & II, Owens Drive, Calder Rd .Paving and Drainage Improvements, Algoa/Friendswood Rd., Galveston County Seawall Sidewalk Rehab-Project Surveillance has been very involved with Galveston County road rehab and Road Bond projects including concrete curb and gutter, asphalt , sidewalks, bike trails, drainage, signalization, etc.
  • City of Clear Lake Shores Street Replacement Project

    This project included 2000 linear feet of residential asphalt street rehab including removing the asphalt and placing concrete with pumps and drainage.
  • Harris County Toll Road Authority-Contracts 300-304, 500-502, 308, 313, 312

    The projects for the HCTRA consisted of many phases of road construction. From main lane widening, entrance and exit ramp improvements, concrete paving, structures and signage.
  • City of Pasadena- Parkside Street/Jones Improvements

    Storm sewer rehab that involved replacing the asphalt road with concrete cub and gutter. Enchanted Oaks-Project includes new road construction including excavation of sub grade and placing of lime slurry, setting forms and the placement of concrete is planned. Smith Elementary Road Construction Tie In-New road construction, placing sub grade, forms, steel and concrete is planned to tie into Shaver Rd. Project Surveillance has inspected over 15 projects for the City of Pasadena since 2005 totaling over 20M in construction costs. Other City of Pasadena projects in the past include Pasadena Blvd, Phases I & II reconstruction, Strawberry Road reconstruction, Fairmont Parkway Reconstruction, Main Street reconstruction, Shaw St Reconstruction and Vista reconstruction to name a few.
  • City of Dickinson- 2016 Street Rehabilitation projects include

    Removal and disposal of existing pavement and driveways, and placement of 6 inches of concrete, paving on 35th Street from Kansas Ave. to California Ave., Nebraska Street from 46th St. to WWTP and Johnson St. from Dead End North of Lobenstein Ln. to Dead End south of Lobenstien Ln. Removal and disposal of existing pavement and driveways, placement of 6 inches of concrete, paving on Gill Rd. from Rodeo Bend Dr. to Bess Rd., Hollywood St. from Timber Dr. for S.H. 3, Mariner Way from Commodore Dr. to Bayou Dr., and Pine Oak Circle from Pine Oak Dr. to the Dead End of Pine Oak Circle.M