Our ExpErtise Includes

Project Surveillance, Inc. skillfully and proficiently handles a wide variety of projects.

  • All
  • Water Transmission Lines/Water Plants
  • Sanitary Sewer Trunk Lines and Force Mains
  • Road and Bridge Construction and Paving
  • Drainage Improvements
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants — Expansions and Rehab
  • Subdivision/Land Development
  • Parks and Recreation

DE Corp

  • Westland Ranch – 4,536 acre Master Planned Community WS&D, Paving, Detention, Lift Station
  • Pedregal – Residential subdivision including installation of waterlines, sanitary sewer, drainage storm systems, paving, & detention pond

Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District #2

$32M Storm Water Lift Station

City of Seabrook

  • Wastewater System Infrastructure Retrofit Project. $5 Million in Improvements
  • City of Seabrook Wastewater Treatment Plant City of Seabrook Construction costs-$36.5M

Wastewater Treatment Plants – Expansions and Rehab

  • HCMUD #286 WWTP Modifications (Eby Engineers) Construction Costs-$1.5M
  • Encanto Real WWTP Expansion (Dannenbaum Engineering) Construction Costs-$3.5M
  • Fort Bend County MUD # 146 WWTP Expansion (DCS Engineers) Construction Costs-$5.2 M
  • Harris County MUD 23 Rehab of 0.6 RWWTP (Sherrington-Humble) Construction Costs- $3M

Upcoming Project #2 72-Inch Water Line from Kipling, Woodhead & Branard

Project Number S-000900-0135-4

  • A Surface Water Transmission Program project that will provide rehabilitation and replacement of existing pipe and appurtenances.
  • Proposed 72-inch Water Line along Kipling, Woodhead & Branard from Mt Vernon to Greenbriar by open cut and trenchless construction methods including water, sewer and storm sewer utilities rehabilitation, replacement and/or adjustments; traffic signals replacement, roadways, sidewalks and wheelchair ramps reconstruction; and associated traffic control plans, stormwater pollution prevention plans, and tree protection. Project also includes condition assessment of existing 66-inch water line along Richmond from southwest pump station to Hazard.

Upcoming Project #1 72-Inch Water Line from Crawford to Mt. Vernon

Project Number S-000900-0134-4

  • A Surface Water Transmission Program project that provides major water transmission improvements from primarily groundwater to surface water in order to comply with the Harris-Galveston Coastal Subsidence District’s regulatory plan.
  • Construction will include open cuts and tunneling as well as roadway pavement reconstruction, drainage improvements, small diameter water line replacement as well as sanitary sewer relocations and rehabilitation.
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